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Oxshott grab hire services

What is grab hire and how can it benefit me?

Grab hire is a service where you can hire a lorry with a grab arm to remove waste from your site. This is an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to hiring a skip, as it only takes away what you tell them to take away. You don’t need permits, so it’s quick and easy to get started, and the service is available nationwide.

Grab hire can be helpful for projects of all sizes–from full construction site clean-ups to removing a small amount of waste quickly and easily. The great thing about grab hire is that there are no restrictions on size, so you can choose the perfect option for your needs. And because the service doesn’t require permits, it’s fast and easy to get started without any extra hassle.

Most importantly, grab hire is environmentally friendly. Instead of taking away everything in one go like a skip would, the lorry with the grab arm removes only what you tell them to take away. This makes for much less wasted material and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

What are the different types of grab hire services available?

Why LG Grab Hire?

LG Grab Hire is the best local builders’ merchant. LG Grab Hire offers competitive prices on all its services, which includes grabbing waste material and soil for gardeners, as well as moving construction debris. LG Grab Hire provides services for grab hire, muck away, and waste disposal. LG Grab Hire embraces a culture of green initiatives to decrease the amount of waste they create. All of our services accommodate a variety of waste types. Our service is available for homeowners and businesses. Contact LG Grab Hire if you need alternate disposal methods for materials such as plasterboard or hazardous materials

Why Grab Hire is better than Skips

Muck Away Services in Oxshott

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable muck away service, then LG Hire is the company for you. We offer 24/7 services, so we can be there when you need us most. We have a range of different service trucks to suit your needs, from landfill sites to general construction work. And we’ll clean up any unwanted rubbish or hazardous material, quickly and affordably. So why not give us a call today?

Fast Response Muck Away Service

Here at LG Grab Hire, we provide a fast response muck away service that is available 24/7. We understand that when you need to get rid of waste quickly, you need a service that can respond to your needs immediately. That’s why our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer multiple types of grab hire that might be more appropriate for your needs. Whether you need aggregate delivered to your site or muck removed and disposed of properly, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our types of services offered are aggregate and muck away. One type of service is for the delivery of bulk bags, filled with aggregate which can be used for various purposes such as foundations or driveways. Another type of service is for the removal and disposal of waste material like earth, soil or stones.

LG grab Hire is a team of professionals with experience in re-turfing, leveling gardens, deep excavation, driveways patios and more. If you’re not sure which service would be best for you project, our team would be happy to help!

What are the benefits of using our Oxshott grab hire services?

There are many benefits to using our Oxshott grab hire services. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you’ll be helping the environment by reducing your reliance on skip permits. Our services are also more cost-effective than traditional waste management options, and they’re quick and easy to use. So if you’re looking for an affordable, convenient way to get rid of your waste, our Oxshott grab hire services are the perfect solution!

Building Aggregate Supply in Oxshott

When constructing or repairing a building, you’ll need to use aggregate. This is a type of coarse-grained material that is used in construction. It can be made from natural or artificial materials, and it’s used to make concrete, asphalt, and other paving materials.

There are several different types of aggregate, but the most common is called building sand or sharp sand. It’s made up of gravel and sand, with the gravel being the most coarse. Ballast is another name for this type of aggregate, and it’s often used as railway track bedding.

Type 1 MOT is a final preparation layer for paving materials like asphalt or concrete. It needs to be laid on top of a sub-base first, which can be created using crushed concrete or limestone screenings. This type of aggregate has frost certification and is usually used for soak-aways.

Economy topsoil can be used for landscaping or decorative purposes. Although it doesn’t have the same level of compost as multi purpose topsoil, it still meets British Standards. Landscaping Bark helps prevent weeds from growing, but it also does a great job at preventing soil erosion and mowing overgrowth.

Grab Truck Specifications






Frequently Ask Questions.

As a registered waste collection service, we are your ideal solution for site clearance and removal of waste due for recycling or the landfill. Our grab lorry service comes with a driver, so all you need to worry about is booking a day for collection. Our commercial waste collection will meet your site staff at the agreed time, and quickly remove the waste material.

Please make sure that the collection site for our grab lorry hire, is clear of obstacles and stationary objects, such as wires and debris etc, to allow for an easier and faster grab hire lorry experience.

Speed and quantity are the two main aspects which make grab lorry hire preferable to skip.

Skips tend to sit out for a long time, attract rodents and are an eyesore. Our vehicles can come in and out, usually taking the waste away in one load – which is not only faster but saves money when compared to skip hire.

We can take large quantities of concrete, rubble, topsoil, non-hazardous waste, hazardous waste, green waste sand, soil, bricks, muck, inert-soil, trees and more in our grab trucks.

The cost of hiring a grab lorry will depend on the weight, size and distance of your product. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay around £280 + VAT for a load.

A tipper truck is a specialized vehicle used to transport goods and materials. A grab lorry is simply a large, open-topped truck that can transport goods from one location to another.


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