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LG Grab Hire offers a 24/7 muck away haulage service solution with a great selection of tipper trucks to choose from, ideal for landfill sites, site clearance and any type of construction project.

Experts in the field of waste removal, we can provide muck-away clearance with our grab trucks and dedicated driver for removal or both hazardous muck and non hazardous waste, our experienced team has you covered for all your waste disposal needs.

Waste removal on your terms

This flexibility and ease of use, has made our grab hire service and tipper lorry services one of the fastest-growing waste removal companies in the local area. If you have any questions on how our muck away and tipper hire service may be adapted to suit your needs, get in touch and ask one of our experts.

Fast response muck away service

As per our grab hire, we offer muck away for commercial and industrial customers, with 24/7 callout, in Woking, Guilford, Kingston Upon Thames, Wimbledon, Surrey and the surrounding areas, making our response time one of the fastest in the business.

Muck Away: types of Waste Removed

Below listed are the materials our grab trucks are capable of transporting. If any items you need are not listed, please inquire to find out about compatibility with our fleet.

muck away cost made simple

Our fleet is available at short notice and ready for any project. Our prices are known to be extremely competitive, and we will not be beaten on quality of work.

In order to provide our clients with the best possible price, we tailor our service prices per job – meaning you are not paying for something you do not need, so please give one of our experts a quick call or message to arrange the best price for you.

Let’s work together

Contact us for a free Muck Away quote or to speak with one of our Muck Away experts

Why Muck Away is better than skip hire

Muck away is a better option than skip hire in almost every aspect:


It is a lot faster. Rather than the waste sitting around on the construction site for weeks, allowing the waste to spoil, and attract rodents, we remove the muck away contents immediately.


As we can remove large amounts in our grab hire vehicles, significantly more than a skip, the price per load works out a lot cheaper with muck away lorry/grab lorry/tipper truck/grab wagon service.


We recycle as much as we can, due to muck away having a much greener waste management footprint. Skips tend to fill with a lot of different materials, making recycling much harder.

Muck Away Hire within 24 Hours.

As with our grab truck hire & tipper truck hire, our muck away service aims to be at your construction site and ready for pick up within 24 hours. Please contact a member of staff right away to check availability and to discuss your project, recycling and logistics.

Muck Away

Reasons for using LG Grab Hire’s muckaway service

Grab lorry hire is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to transport large amounts of waste. It’s difficult to put in a skip due to its weight, but with six wheel grab it can carry up to 26 tonnes.

There are many reasons for using LG Grab Hire’s muckaway service. First, the service provides an opportunity for local businesses to use a specialist who can provide advice and assistance with all aspects of commercial or residential construction work in Surrey.

Reasons for using LG Grab Hire’s muckaway service

Cheap prices: If you’re a small business owner who needs to do some light commercial work, the cost of hiring a lorry from one of these companies would be more than affordable.

Strong reputation: These company have been in operation since 2006 and their experience reflects on their quality customer care.

Modern fleet of economical lorries : They use new high performance vehicles with low operating costs that can get your job done efficiently.

Choosing the right lorry size and type

The muckaway service from LG Grab Hire is environmentally friendly and economical. It comes in three different sizes depending on the type of waste you are removing. Tippers are the most affordable option for inert waste removal, while a grab truck may be needed if there is no excavator or loading shovel available.

How to order the best muckaway service near me?

If you’re looking to hire a muckaway service, LG Grab Hire’s same day service is the best option. For those who need a project done quickly but don’t have time for an on-site visit, this is the way to go. The prices are competitive and they have a quick turnaround time.

Here at LG Grab Hire, we are proud of our muckaway service. Our team can provide you with the best services for your needs. Call us today on 07599 576770

LG Grab Hire

How much does Muck Away Cost?

We charge by the waste type, not the weight – which means you can pay less for more.

Muck Away

Ideal for the fast removal of inert materials from dig outs Clay, Stone & Soil
£ 290 + VAT
  • Soil
  • Stone
  • Clay

Green Waste

Removal of mixed non-hazerdous waste, and mixed construction debris
£ 375 + VAT
  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Cuttings

Mixed Waste

Removal of mixed non-hazerdous waste, and mixed construction debris
£ 550 + VAT
  • General Rubbish
  • Mixed hazardous waste
  • Mixed Waste


Construction waste or rough fragments of stone, brick, concrete, etc.
£ 250 + VAT
  • Concrete
  • Rubel
  • Stone